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The Royal Canadian Legion - Application For Membership

"Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)"


► Guidelines of the Quebec Provincial Command on the reopening of Branches, dated July 22, 2020.

This includes:

  • Darts and Pool activities.
  • Guidelines on the elections of Branches and Districts.
  • Guidelines on general meetings.
  • New measures for bars.
  • Guidelines for the reopening of Branches.

You can reopen once ALL the public health measures are in place.

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► Poster "I wear my face covering"

To print this poster, click here.

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► Letter from the Provincial President to the Premier of Quebec

On June 26, the Quebec Provincial Command President, comrade Kenneth Ouellet CD, sent a letter to the Premier of Quebec.

All the provinces basically sent the same letter to their premiers.

To access the letter, (In French only), click here.

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► Moving Conventions from 2021 to 2022

A motion has been made, to the full Council Members of the Quebec Provincial Command, to move the Convention from 2021 to 2022.

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► Insurance program - Vacancy and Protection of Facilities

The information contained in this bulletin pertains to Legion Branches insured with Programmed Insurance Brokers.

Branches not insured with PIB should contact their broker for details on their vacancy exposure.

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► Financial Aid Request

As this pandemic continues, Provincial Command will be receiving more first requests for Financial Aid.

For those requesting aid for the second time, please note this will be the last time.

Please note the following:

  • 90% of Branches do not have paid employees, but rather volunteers who are remunerated for their travel and meals.
  • Branches that have paid employees should consider going with volunteers. As previously mentioned, the financial aid is not for the employees’ salary nor vacation pay.
  • Many Branches have received government aid. You are asked to contact your Member of Parliament, city officials, etc.
  • When completing the form for Financial Aid, do not include the Branches’ yearly expense such as insurance etc. unless you are paying monthly
  • What is needed are your MONTHLY EXPENSES.
  • We ask that you complete the month of June with the bank balance as of July 1, 2020.

To access the financial aid application form, click here.

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► Use of Poppy funds for masks and hand sanitation

Provincial Command has received questions regarding the use of Poppy funds for masks and hand sanitizer.

The Dominion Poppy committee’s decision approved this with the following recommended guidelines:

  • A “National Disaster “declared
  • A one-time expenditure
  • Public safety items necessary for the protection of our veterans, members, and guests such as touchless hand sanitizing stations
  • Maximum $500.00 from branch Poppy Trust Fund
  • Authorization from the Provincial Command.

Please note that the form "REQUEST FOR SPECIAL USE OF POPPY TRUST FUNDS" must be completed and sent to the Provincial Command for approval by the poppy committee. If you have used poppy funds before the announcement above, please complete and send the request for approval. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Provincial Command at your convenience.

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► Report from the Quebec Provincial Command on the COVID-19 crisis - May 13, 2020


I would like to inform you of the progress on the COVID-19 crisis within Quebec Command. First, I would like to thank all the members who are making a remarkable effort to keep branches alive in this crisis. Do not give up and you can count on the support of Quebec Command as well as Dominion Command and your district commanders.

The Full Committee of Québec Command as well as that of Dominion Command regularly hold teleconferences on the evolution of the crisis and what decisions we will have to take to help our branches and members. Each district commander reported on the situation in their district for the committee to take action.

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April 18th, 2020 - In this time of crisis, it is important to note that the branches must not rely solely on the national emergency aid program to get through this crisis.

The funds are very limited, the bulk of the crisis will last for at least two to three months.

Branches, in order to survive, especially those with big rent, mortgage and bars, must use the generous mitigation measures offered by governments to get through the crisis.

You must apply and negotiate to receive them, nothing is given.

These measures are:

  • Mortgage deferral with banks and credit unions;
  • Deferral of rent with landlord;
  • Deferment of monthly invoices such as Hydro Quebec, Énergir, and others;
  • Federal and provincial grants for small businesses including non-profit organizations and bars;
  • Interest-free loan guaranteed by governments from banks and credit unions. May have up to $ 40k (federal) and $ 50K (provincial);
  • Use GOFUNDME to raise funds.

If a Branch makes an emergency fund request, it does so for the current month.

► The first request should have been for the month of April 2020 and it covered the months of April, May and June for a total of $3000. The next demand shall be for the month of July.

► It must indicate the real amount of funds it has available such as the bank current account, reserve funds and petty cash (eg. April 1st, 2020).

► It must indicate the actual expenditure planned for this month.

Yes, Branches will lose their working capital and contingency funds, but all the companies and organizations are in the same boat. And yes, they will accumulate debts, but they will have two years to pay them.

To get through this crisis, everyone must put an effort into it and above all, do not forget to take care of our veterans and our members so that they do not feel alone and left without support.

I would like to thank all of our members who offer their services to our veterans, our members and the community, it is much appreciated.

In comradeship,

Kenneth R. Ouellet
Quebec Provincial Command

For more information, contact the Executive Director, Quebec Provincial Command, by clicking here.

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In the spirit of camaraderie at the Royal Canadian Legion, the president of Quebec Command asks that every week all the Branches make sure their members are doing well and that they lack nothing in this pandemic time.

If necessary replenish food, medication renewal, etc. Often a phone call can help lift someone out of isolation!

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As you know on April 2, 2020 the Executive Committee of Dominion Command took the unprecedented decision to release $ 3 million from the Legion's national reserves to provide emergency fund grants to branches in difficulty across our country.
These are non-repayable grants, and these are not Poppy funds.

For more information, contact the Executive Director, Quebec Provincial Command, by clicking here.

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  • All branches must complete an application form.
  • C2. This form should detail their income and expenses for the month in question as well as the amounts in the bank and any other assets.
  • An explanatory letter can be attached to it for further explanation.
  • The poppy fund is not considered income.

For more information, contact the Executive Director, Quebec Provincial Command, by clicking here.

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With the continuation of the coronavirus crisis and the continued closure of branches for an indefinite period, Dominion Command wants to know the financial health of branches across the country in order to better manage the crisis and see what additional measures can be taken with the provincial commands to help the branches.

The goal is to know how many branches are likely to close in the near future if the crisis continues.

We ask that you complete this form and return it to your district commander no later than Tuesday April 14, 2020 to take it into account during the National Executive's teleconference meeting on April 16, 2020.

For more information, contact the Executive Director, Quebec Provincial Command, by clicking here.

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To access the Branch Financial Assistance Program form,, click here.

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Quebec Provincial Command is following the advice of Canadian medical experts to combat the threat of COVID-19.
The office is closed until further notice. This includes the Service Bureau in Québec City.
The Executive Director is working from home and will respond to your specific request as soon as possible.
In case of veteran emergency assistance, please contact Debra Viskelis at 514-866-7491 ext. 225
Note: Local questions should be directed to local Branches.

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To access Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command updates, click here.

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With the DEC decision to rescind GBL 129, Branches have begun to establish GoFundMe pages.
This has not been without issue as one branch’s recent appeal sought to raise money to SAVE THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION (not branch specific) and used the badge and logo without the branch identifier.
This has the potential of creating public confusion and negative PR.

For more information, contact the Executive Director by clicking here.

To learn more...

6 Steps to a Successful Campaign

GoFundMe protects our community with best-in-class security.

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Click here to access the Government of Canada coronavirus (COVID-19) website.

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Click here to access the Government of Quebec's coronavirus (COVID-19) website.

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Click here to view COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC worldwide.

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  • 000 Quebec Provincial Command
  • 001 Montreal
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  • 003 Baie Comeau
  • 004 Montréal
    (borough Verdun)
  • 005 Stanstead
  • 010 Sherbrooke
  • 011 Lacolle
  • 012 Lévis
  • 014 Westmount
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  • 015 Richmond
  • 018 Témiscaming
  • 019 Amos
  • 020 Jonquière
    (borough Kénogami)
  • 023 Knowlton
  • 024/106 Montreal
    (borough Notre-Dame-de-Grâce)
  • 025 East Angus
  • 026 Coaticook
  • 027 Montreal
  • 029 Montreal
    (borough Rosemont)
  • 031 La Tuque
  • 033 Gatineau
    (borough Aylmer)
  • 035 Trois-Rivières
  • 036 Rimouski
  • 041 Danville
  • 044 Shawinigan
  • 048 Bury
  • 051 Drummondville
  • 054 Gatineau,
    (borough Buckingham)
  • 057 Pointe-Claire
    (Island of Montreal)
  • 058 Gatineau,
    (borough Pointe-Gatineau)
  • 059 Gaspé
  • 062 Valleyfield
  • 064 New Carlisle
  • 066 Montreal
  • 070 Lachute
  • 071 Brownsburgh-Chatham
  • 076 Val-d'Or
  • 077 Waterloo
  • 079 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
  • 081 Huntingdon
  • 082 Philipsburg
  • 083 Joliette
  • 085/090 Montreal
    (borough Lachine)
  • 086 Victoriaville
  • 091 Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
    (Island of Montreal)
  • 094 Longueuil
    (borough Greenfield Park)
  • 097 Côte-St-Luc
    (Island of Montreal)
  • 098 Montreal
    (borough St-Laurent)
  • 099 Cowansville
  • 101 Shawinigan
    (borough Grand-Mère)
  • 108 Châteauguay
  • 115 Hudson
  • 116 Mont-Laurier
  • 117 Sorel-Tracy
  • 120 Mascouche
  • 121 Otterburn Park
  • 127 Montreal
  • 128 Ayers Cliff
  • 130 Matane
  • 136 Lac-Mégantic
  • 137 Mont-Joli
  • 146 Beauharnois
  • 147 St-Bruno
  • 150 Montmagny
  • 158 Sutton
  • 159 Longueuil
    (borough St-Hubert)
  • 162 Campbell's Bay
  • 165 Sawyerville
  • 171 Morin Heights
  • 172 Cascapédia-St-Jule
  • 173 Montreal-Est
  • 185 Deux-Montagnes
  • 187 Maniwaki
  • 188 Rouyn-Noranda
  • 190 St-Jérôme
  • 192 Arundel
    (Rouge River)
  • 196 Ormstown
  • 198 Rawdon
  • 203 Chandler
  • 204 Trois-Rivières,
    (borough Cap-de-la-Madeleine)
  • 205 Chénéville
  • 208 Ste-Thérèse
  • 209 Ville de Saguenay
    (arrondissement Jonquière, sector Arvida)
  • 212 Montreal
    (borough LaSalle)
  • 214 Wakefield
  • 215 Brossard
  • 216 Laval
  • 219 Kahnawake
  • 227 Gatineau
  • 231 Quyon
  • 234 Roxboro
  • 235 Chicoutimi
  • 238 Beloeil
  • 242 North Hatley
  • 244 Hemmingford
  • 245 Dorval
    (Island of Montreal)
  • 249 St-Georges-de-Beauce
  • 251 Laval
    (borough Chomedey)
  • 253 Ste-Anne-des-Monts
  • 261 Barachois
  • 263 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu,
    (borough Iberville)
  • 265 Québec
  • 266 Boucherville
  • 276 Alma
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