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The Royal Canadian Legion - Application For Membership

Bylaws of Quebec Provincial Command
Duties of Directors – Incorporated Registered Charities
The Royal Canadian Legion - Application For Membership
Application for Veteran's License Plate Eligibility Certification


Having served in the Canadian Armed Forces for more than forty-one (41) years, and having been a member of The Royal Canadian Legion for the past thirteen (13) years, I know how important it is to belong to an organization where you feel welcome and among comrades. The spirit of comradeship is what will keep Veterans and their families in their branch and encourage them to participate in the activities.

But The Royal Canadian Legion is much more than a meeting place; it is also where Veterans and their dependants can receive help to better their quality of life, whether with access to medical care and paratransit; knowing and discovering local help resources; and recognize and protect their rights, either with Veterans Affairs Canada or the different levels of government. We must not forget that our mission is:

  • To serve Veterans, including serving members of the military, members of the RCMP and their families;
  • To promote Remembrance; and
  • To serve our community and our country.

During my term, I plan to visit as many branches as I can, and to interact with our members. This will enable me to have a better understanding of the health of our organization and to know where to channel my efforts. Don't hesitate to invite me to your activities by using the attached form.

I also invite you to send me your accomplishments so I can share them with our members to inspire them. There is a lot of good in our organization, and the credit is all yours.

Until next time, in comradeship

Kenneth R. Ouellet

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► To have access at an informational and service-oriented video about all of the things the Legion does, click here.

Provincial Officer Invitation Form

What is happening at the
"Quebec Provincial Command"

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To learn more about the Quebec Provincial Command Golf Tournament, click here.

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The "National Field of Honour" decorated with Canadian flags

On Saturday, June 1st, 2019 - members of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Scouts of Canada Movement gathered at the National Field of Honor to decorate the Veterans Tombs with the Canadian flag for the annual memorial service taking place the next day.
Thank you to all participants.

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World War II interview project and the province of Quebec.

The Information Centre Canadian War Cemetery (ICB) in Holten, Netherlands is planning to interview relatives (siblings, spouses, children, other relatives, friends) of deceased soldiers who are buried in Holten.
ICB Holten Netherlands Interview Project relates to the province of Quebec where there are the home town places of 114 fallen soldiers.

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The "Quebec Provincial Command" works to improve the leadership and professionalism of our leaders.

February 20, 2019 - Comrade Kenneth R. Ouellet, President of the Provincial Command, accompanied by Maître Pierre St-Louis gave an information session to members of the Executive Committee of Branch 034, Arras, Chambly.

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New website that honours nine Canadian Servicemen.

December 30, 2018 - The 100th Anniversary of the WWI Armistice on November 11, 2018, saw the launch of a website containing three World War Timelines, one for each of three villages in Oxfordshire, England, that tell in sequential order the strategic story of the two World Wars and the highly individual stories of a total of eighty-eight men and women who were killed in those wars.

A distinctive feature of the work is that it treats as equal the sixty-four local people who went away from the three villages and were killed on land or in the sea or air - and twenty-four men from far away who came and were killed in air crashes on or over the three villages in WWII, six of whom were Canadians.

The three WWI soldiers emigrated from the same area in England, to Canada just before WWI. They all enlisted in Ontario (Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara) and served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force and fought and were killed alongside their former village friends in Belgium and France.

The six WWII Canadian Airmen were born in :

  • Ontario (Toronto & Fort William),
  • Manitoba (Norwood),
  • Nova Scotia (Torbrook Mines),
  • Saskatchewan (Moose Jaw),
  • Quebec (Lachute).

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Montreal "Remember"

Montreal, November 11, 2018 - In the chilly morning of November 11, 2018, many dignitaries, among them the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, His Honor the Honorable J. Michel Doyon; consular representatives from the United Kingdom, United States, France, Netherlands, Korea Belgium and Poland; many Veterans and regimental associations; and other groups, laid wreaths at the Place du Canada cenotaph in honor of all soldiers.

This ceremony, under the responsibility of the Provincial Command of Quebec, coincided with the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice, and the Canadian Center for the Great War said a few words for the occasion.

To view the photo album, click here.

Presentation of the first Poppy to the Mayor of Montreal.

October 25, 2018 - The President of the Quebec Provincial command, Comrade Kenneth R. Ouellet CD, presented the first poppy to the Montreal Mayor, Valérie Plante, to mark the beginning of the "Poppy Campaign".
As customary, the Poppy Campaign officially begins the last Friday of October, which this year is October 26, 2018.

Presentation of the distinction of LEGIONNAIRE OF THE YEAR, for the year 2017.

Laval, May 19, 2018 - At the Quebec Provincial Command full council meeting, Comrade Kenneth R. Ouellet, CD, Provincial President, presented the distinction of LEGIONNAIRE OF THE YEAR, for the year 2017, to comrade Gilles Philie, CD, former President of Branch 235 of Chicoutimi for its exemplary involvement since 1984 in all activities related to the Royal Canadian Legion.

Congratulations to the recipient.

Veteran's service card.

The new Veteran's Service Card (VSC) helps you stay connected to military and veteran support programs during your transition from military to civilian life.

CAF members and veterans released before 2016 can request their card after summer 2019.

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Leading Mental Health Teaching and Research Hospital named as partner for the Centre of Excellence in PTSD and other Related Mental Health Conditions

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) helped kick off the Canadian Mental Health Association's mental health week by announcing the creation of the Centre of Excellence on PTSD and other related mental health conditions with the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group (The Royal).
The Centre of Excellence will work to advance mental health, research and support to improve treatment for Canada's Veterans across the country.

Better electronic claims supports for the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP)

Source: National Association of Federal Retirees

February 26, 2018 - Pensioner plan members of the Public Service Health Care Plan will have an easier time filing their health claims thanks to new web and mobile claims submission.

Members residing in Canada will be able to submit claims for paramedical services and vision care benefits electronically, from both the Sun Life Plan Member Services website at www.sunlife.ca/pshcp and the my Sun Life Mobile app.


57th Provincial Convention of the Quebec Command.

The 57th Provincial Convention of the Quebec Command of the Royal Canadian Legion was held in Victoriaville on the weekend of May 20 - 21, 2017.

A new executive was voted in at this convention.


Executive Council