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To learn more about the "City of Montreal attempt to close down LaSalle Royal Canadian Legion Branch 212", click here.

Honouring a Veterans is our Duty!

The "Quebec Provincial Command"

Bylaws of Quebec Provincial Command
Duties of Directors – Incorporated Registered Charities
The Royal Canadian Legion - Application For Membership
Application for Veteran's License Plate Eligibility Certification

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► Sunday, November 11, 2018
Guest of Honour:
  • The Honourable J. Michel Doyon, Q.C., LL.L., Ph. D., Ad. E., Lieutenant Governor of Québec, and
  • Brigadier-General M.A.J. Carignan, OMM, MSM, CD

► All veterans are encouraged to join ranks on site and march in the parade.

► Parade route: From Place du Canada north on Metcalfe, east on Ste Catherine, past the Reviewing Stand at Phillip's Square, south on Beaver Hall, west on Cathcart.

► *****Please be advised that the 21 Gun Salute will be fired from Place du Canada.

► Turcot interchange is CLOSED on November 11th, please check traffic routes or take public transportation to arrive on site.*******.

Phone : (514) 866-7491
Email :


Having served in the Canadian Armed Forces for more than forty-one (41) years, and having been a member of The Royal Canadian Legion for the past thirteen (13) years, I know how important it is to belong to an organization where you feel welcome and among comrades. The spirit of comradeship is what will keep Veterans and their families in their branch and encourage them to participate in the activities.

But The Royal Canadian Legion is much more than a meeting place; it is also where Veterans and their dependants can receive help to better their quality of life, whether with access to medical care and paratransit; knowing and discovering local help resources; and recognize and protect their rights, either with Veterans Affairs Canada or the different levels of government. We must not forget that our mission is:

  • To serve Veterans, including serving members of the military, members of the RCMP and their families;
  • To promote Remembrance; and
  • To serve our community and our country.

During my term, I plan to visit as many branches as I can, and to interact with our members. This will enable me to have a better understanding of the health of our organization and to know where to channel my efforts. Don't hesitate to invite me to your activities by using the attached form.

I also invite you to send me your accomplishments so I can share them with our members to inspire them. There is a lot of good in our organization, and the credit is all yours.

Until next time, in comradeship

Kenneth R. Ouellet

► To see the full text of the "President's word", click here.

► To have access at an informational and service-oriented video about all of the things the Legion does, click here.

Provincial Officer Invitation Form

What is happening at the
"Quebec Provincial Command"

Become certified in Mental Health First Aid.

In support of the Veteran Community and in partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada, a customized version of the Mental Health First Aid for members of the Veteran Community is being offered in your area.

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Presentation of the distinction of LEGIONNAIRE OF THE YEAR, for the year 2017.

Laval, May 19, 2018 - At the Quebec Provincial Command full council meeting, Comrade Kenneth R. Ouellet, CD, Provincial President, presented the distinction of LEGIONNAIRE OF THE YEAR, for the year 2017, to comrade Gilles Philie, CD, former President of Branch 235 of Chicoutimi for its exemplary involvement since 1984 in all activities related to the Royal Canadian Legion.

Congratulations to the recipient.

Veteran's service card.

The new Veteran's Service Card (VSC) helps you stay connected to military and veteran support programs during your transition from military to civilian life.

CAF members and veterans released before 2016 can request their card after summer 2019.

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Bells of Peace - In honour of Armistice 100

It will be a hundred years this year that the treaty ending the First World War will have been signed.

We are planning "Bells of Peace" which entails the ringing of bells one hundred times at the setting of the sun on November 11, 2018.

To that end, the Royal Canadian Legion, in partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), would like to create a unified and memorable act across the country.

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The 2019 Royal Canadian Legion Pilgrimage of Remembrance will take place from 6 to 20 July 2019.
During this 15-day experience, pilgrims will tour battlefields, pay their respects in cemeteries, reflect at memorials and explore museums throughout France and Belgium, with a short foray into the Netherlands (to be confirmed).

  • If you are interested, contact your branch executive for the application form.
    The deadline for returning the form to Provincial Command is November 2, 2018.
  • The pilgrimage will be conducted in English only.
  • The completed application form is to be sent to QUEBEC PROVINCIAL COMMAND who will select its Provincial representative upon consideration of planned Post-Pilgrimage activities and current implication with youth groups.
  • Please attach a document outlining your Post-Pilgrimage activities to the application form.
  • Accommodations are based on double occupancy.

► To read the instructions of the Quebec Provincial Command, click here.

► To read the instructions of the Dominion Command, click here.


The 2018 Quebec Provincial Command Cribbage Tournament will be held:

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Veterans Transition Program

To know more, click here.

Veterans Transition Program

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Concert to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War

November 11, 1918 marked the end of a bloody and destructive war such as there had never been before. The whole of humanity had just known one of the worst moments in all of its history.

One hundred years later to the day, November 11 2018 will be a particular moment, not only for all the veterans, but also for all those who have in their hearts the desire to create a better world, a world without war! For it will underline the end of a sad and devastating conflict – the end of the First Great World War! That day, the pianist Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz and the cellist Catherine Mathieu will interpret touching and moving works to lift up the souls of the listeners and to create in their hearts the peace that is so wished for!

On the program of that evening: Pachelbel's Canon (of Peace), Thaïs's Meditation, some Ave Marias, Nearer My God to Thee, Beethoven's Hymn to Joy and several other works!

That evening will also be punctuated by the reading of poignant texts, destined to help us become aware of the horror of that war, but also, and especially, to make us want peace for all the people of this world even more strongly!

The concerts will take place at three locations:

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Leading Mental Health Teaching and Research Hospital named as partner for the Centre of Excellence in PTSD and other Related Mental Health Conditions

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) helped kick off the Canadian Mental Health Association's mental health week by announcing the creation of the Centre of Excellence on PTSD and other related mental health conditions with the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group (The Royal).
The Centre of Excellence will work to advance mental health, research and support to improve treatment for Canada's Veterans across the country.

Better electronic claims supports for the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP)

Source: National Association of Federal Retirees

February 26, 2018 - Pensioner plan members of the Public Service Health Care Plan will have an easier time filing their health claims thanks to new web and mobile claims submission.

Members residing in Canada will be able to submit claims for paramedical services and vision care benefits electronically, from both the Sun Life Plan Member Services website at and the my Sun Life Mobile app.


Montrealers mark Remembrance Day with ceremony at Place du Canada

Global News, November 11, 2017 - Veterans, public figures and citizens gathered in downtown Montreal on Saturday morning to take part in the annual Remembrance Day ceremony at Place du Canada.

Following the 21-gun salute, several dignitaries and veterans placed wreaths at the foot at the cenotaph to honour the memory of fallen soldiers.


Picture from 34 Canadian Brigade-Group

Video from 34 Canadian Brigade-Group


November 10, 2017 - The Old Brewery Mission implements first pilot-project in Quebec to provide affordable, permanent housing solutions for ex-soldiers in need.

In Montreal, veterans account for 6% of the homeless population. Today, thanks to the Old Brewery Mission and its partners, homeless and near-homeless veterans now have a place to turn to.


The Royal Canadian Legion names National Silver Cross Mother 2017

Ottawa, 1er November 1, 2017 - The Royal Canadian Legion's Dominion President David Flannigan is honoured to introduce Mrs. Diana Abel as the National Silver Cross Mother for 2017.

As the National Silver Cross Mother, Mrs. Abel will place a wreath at the National War Memorial on November 11, 2017. She will do so on behalf of all Canadian mothers who have lost a son or a daughter in the military service of Canada.


Wear a Poppy to Remember

November 2, 2017 - Born from a poem written by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae of Guelph, Ontario, a little red flower was the subject of a universal fear - fear the Fallen will be forgotten, that their death will have been in vain.

In the days leading up to Remembrance Day, Canadians will be pausing at a Legion table or Poppy box in malls, stores and services across the country to pick up a Poppy.

Find out more on:
How to wear a Poppy?
When to wear a Poppy?
When to remove a Poppy?
by clicking here.

Poppy Trust Funds

Your contributions directly support Canada's Veterans and their families, while ensuring Canada never forgets.

Through your donations to the Legion Poppy Fund, the Legion provides financial assistance and support to Veterans, including Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP, and their families who are in need.

To learn more about:
The use of Poppy Trust Funds, and
The Poppy Trust Fund Administration.
click here.

A very special hymn.

September 1, 2017 - The hymn was first recited at a Thanksgiving Service, 13 May 1917, only three weeks, after the capture of Vimy ridge: 10th Battalion, First Canadian Division.

Note the spelling mistake and the attempted corrections in the document."

I found this hymn in the personal possessions of Brigadier-General Daniel Mowat Ormond.


The Legion Supports Commonwealth Veterans through The Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League.

Did you know the Legion supports Commonwealth Veterans? As a member of the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL), The Royal Canadian Legion helps Veterans and ex-service members of the Commonwealth and former Commonwealth countries.

The RCEL is a union of 56 ex-service organizations, from 47 Commonwealth and former Commonwealth countries, that promotes the welfare of Commonwealth Veterans and their dependents while helping them to meet their own charitable objectives.


57th Provincial Convention of the Quebec Command.

The 57th Provincial Convention of the Quebec Command of the Royal Canadian Legion was held in Victoriaville on the weekend of May 20 - 21, 2017.

A new executive was voted in at this convention.


Executive Council