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Branch 004,

Mailing address:

290 rue Argyle,
Verdun, QC,
H4H 1T8


(514) 769-2489


October 25, 1926





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The executive committee of Branch 004.
(Updated on: November 2, 2023)
  • President: Comrade Darlene E. Harrison
  • 1st Vice-president: Comrade Kevin O'Connor
  • 2nd Vice-president: Comrade Howard Curotte
  • Secretary: Comrade Lisa Tetreault
  • Treasurer: Comrade Nigel Henderson
  • Service Officer: Comrade Kevin Shepherd
  • Poppy Chairperson: Comrade Nigel Henderson
  • Membership Chairperson: Comrade H. Ronald Harrison
  • Sick visiting: Comrade Darlene Howard
  • Bar/Event officer: Comrade Kevin Shepherd

Activité à venir à notre Filiale
Upcoming activity at our Branch

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Year-end parade for the RCAC Cadet Corps 2800 Verdun

June 1, 2024

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On June 1, the President, Comrade Darlene Harrison and our Sergeant at Arms, Comrade H. Ronald Harrison, were present for the year-end parade for the RCAC Cadet Corps 2800 Verdun.

The President presented a support donation to the Corps, as well as many certificates for members that helped with our last Poppy Campaign.

We are glad to see the youngest members of the Verdun community continuing a proud tradition of service to the citizens of Verdun, and Canada, through all of their hard work.

For some, it is off to teach for the summer, others to go onto further taskings.

Next up, our final event, the Cribbage tournament on June 8th, with some extremely important activities for the Branch Executive and the delegates to our District elections.

But for all, including the Branch member volunteers, it will be a nice summer of relaxation, and planning our next years activity schedule.

Thank you.

Comrade Kevin O’Connor
1st Vice-President
Branch 004, Verdun

An afternoon of fun

May 25, 2024

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On Saturday, May 25th, Branch 004 Verdun hosted its last dart tournament of the season.

A great turn out at the Dart Tournament, and for the Branch as well.

It was a full house, including over 60 members and friends that came to participate in the tournament, in crib, and a hardy couple that decided to try their hands at Scrabble.

Thank you to everyone that showed up to play, to those that came to support, and especially to all the members of the executive and volunteers that made sure everything stayed on the rails.

Congratulations to the Winners.

  • 1st place - Derek, Cathy and Dave.
  • 2nd place - Karen, Luc and Clay (not in the picture)
  • 3rd place - Danny, Jack and Spike

Comrade Kevin O’Connor
1st Vice-President
Branch 004

Honours and Awards evening

May 11, 2024

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Royal Canadian Legion Branch 004 culminated a complete new year under new management.

On May 11, 2024, Branch 004 proceeded with its first Welcoming Ceremony with our Annual Honours and Awards.

With 27 new members inducted into the ranks, including many new members, family, and friends (including generational new members with the youngest/newest member at only 24 years old). Brianna Giampaolo-O’Connor not only joins the ranks of the Branch but has volunteered to become the newest member of the Executive, serving as our new Secretary.

Many Awards for service were presented, including THANKS to the many members that volunteered during the Poppy Campaign of 2023, the management of Bossa Verdun for helping out with sandwiches for our Ypres parade, as well as SPECIAL THANKS to the Desgroseillers family for their support during the St-Patrick’s Day Corned Beef lunch (which was even attended by the Provincial President, flying solo that day!)

Many service pins for 5, 10, 15, 20 up to 45 years were presented, but the most important was the presentation of the 50-year service pin and gold medal to Branch 004’s own Comrade Paggy Whelan.

Comrade Whelan was nearly bowled over with emotion during the presentation by our own President, Comrade Darlene Harrison and the Service Officer Comrade Kevin Shepherd.

We are looking to a great summer to relax and recharge, with a Dart and Crib tournament.

Please be on the lookout for other activities, including a possible BBQ and corn roast.

We are always looking for volunteers from all over, and are always willing to accept transfer ins!

Thank you.

Kevin O’Connor
1st Vice-President
Branch 004

We remember Ypres

April 28, 2024

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On Sunday, April 28, 2024, Royal Canadian Legion Brach 004, Verdun returned to the streets of Verdun to commemorate the Second Battle of Ypres of World War I.

The Second Battle of Ypres was fought from 22 April – 25 May 1915 for control of the tactically important high ground to the east and south of the Flemish town of Ypres in western Belgium.

It is of particular importance to the citizens of Verdun, Quebec, as it was the first battle where one of the largest contingents came from the Verdun area.

This battle is renowned as the first mass use of poison gas by the German army, causing around 100,000 casualties for the Allied military.

Branch 004 has their commemoration as close as possible to the start date of said conflict.

Like the members of the battle, Branch 004 has stood strong in the face of adversity in these last few years.

Keeping the proud tradition in their hearts, the members of Branch 004 have been able to rise from the ashes, and are continuing to grow, even though the odds seemed against them.

Branch 004 will continue to commemorate this battle that is so important to Canadian history.

So, this year we had sentries for the Cenotaph provided by the 34th Combat Engineer Regiment of the 34th Canadian Brigade Group.

There was representation of this unit, commanded by Lt Col P.A. Genest, with his RSM, CWO Pépin, as well as members of the HMCS Donnacona, the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada,* unit, Pipes and Drums and Association, as well as the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal, the Montreal Fire Department.

We had multiple other organizations, and dignitaries, including representation by comrade Paulette Cook of Quebec Provincial Command of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Flag to half mast when required

March 24, 2024

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Although Branch 004 Verdun is without building, one of their Ordinary Members, Comrade H. Ronald Harrison, lowers his Flag to half mast when required, as with the passing of Comrade Greenlees and Vimy Day, April 9.

Amazing Levy with Branch 004 and Branch 024/106

January 1st, 2024

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Mimosa and Moose milk and home made clam chowder, roasted garlic butterfly shrimp and great company!

Anthony entertained with a brief musical interlude💕

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