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Branch 094,
Greenfield Park


205, rue Empire,
Greenfield Park, QC,
J4V 1T9


(450) 466-0308


November 26, 1943


10-South Shore


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The executive committee of Branch 094.
(Updated on: December 5, 2019)
  • President: Comrade Cheryl Moores
  • 1st Vice-president: Comrade Clifford Walker
  • Secretary: Comrade Shirley Miller
  • Treasurer: Comrade Terrance Deslage
  • Service Officer: Comrade Francine Cantwell
  • Poppy Chairman: Comrade Fred Goodall
  • Membership Chairman: Comrade Shirley Miller

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Ceremonial Raising of The Flag

July 1, 2021

(left to right) Comrade Jack Gammon (Veteran),
Comrade Randy Moores and Comrade Cheryl Moores (President).

Comrade Gammon prepares to raise the flag.

Comrade Gammon (center) raises the flag assisted
by members of the Adventure Group - Granny's Grunts.
Comrade Ron Keppart (left) supervises the procedure.

Mission accomplished.

On July 1, 2021, members of RCL Branch 94, Greenfield Park, honoured Canada Day with the Ceremonial Raising of the Flag in front of City Hall. The number of attendees was limited with strict adherence to COVID 19 protocol.

Remembrance Day Ceremony

November 11, 2020

On November 11, 2020, at 11:00 a.m., a small but dignified ceremony was held at the cenotaph in front of City Hall.

In attendance were:

  • Comrade Fred Goodall, Poppy Fund Chairman
  • Comrade Claudette Lapointe, 2nd Vice President
  • Comrade Jack Gammon, Veteran (Korea)
  • Robert Myles, borough President

In compliance with the protocol from Provincial Command, the wearing of masks was mandatory as was social distancing.

The general public was discouraged from attending.

Comrade Fred Goodall conducted a brief ceremony that began with the prayer ‘Lest we forget’, followed by two minutes of silence, the Act of Remembrance and closed with the singing of "O Canada".

A total of fourteen wreaths were placed at the base of the cenotaph by Comrade Jack Gammon representing the Legion, Branch 094 and by Robert Myles representing the borough of Greenfield Park.

Flag Raising ceremony - Branch 094

July 1, 2020

Featured in the photo from left to right are: Edward (Ted) Newbury and Joseph (Joe) Bockus.

It was a very hot day on July 1 when Branch 094 held its annual Flag Raising ceremony in Greenfield Park.

It was also the official opening of the Branch to welcome the membership after the period of quarantine.

Social distancing (2 metres) and the wearing of face masks were the order of the day.

In spite of the heat, seven Branch Veterans were able to attend as well as members of the Executive Committee and other members.

The local venture troop - Granny's Grunts handled the logistics of the ceremony.

Short speeches were delivered by the Branch President, Comrade Cheryl Moores, Federal M.P. Sherry Romanado and borough Alderman, Peter Doonan.

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