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Branch 115,


56, Beach Road,
Hudson, Qc,
J0P 1H0


(450) 458-4882


April 28, 1945


06-Lakeshore West



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The executive committee of Branch 115
(Updated on: January 7, 2021)
  • President: Comrade Rod Hodgson
  • Past president: Comrade Eric Connor
  • 1st Vice-president: Comrade Michael Elliott
  • 2nd Vice-president: Comrade Peter Mansell
  • Secretary: Comrade Lise Bernier
  • Treasurer: Comrade Ted Poulin
  • Service Officer: Comrade Robin Pelletier
  • Poppy Chairperson: Comrade John Dalgarno
  • Membership Chairperson: Comrade Lise Bernier
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Comrade Robin Pelletier
  • Curling Chairperson: Comrade Jay De La Durantaye
  • Executive Member: Comrade Jay Oland
  • Executive Member: Comrade Bruce Ruiter
  • Executive Member: Comrade Bill Sansom

The « Branch information form » must be completed and returned to Quebec Provincial Command as soon as possible after your elections.

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Poppy Fund donation

August 26, 2021

Mrs. Patricia Sévigny, on the left, receiving the donation
from the Poppy Chairman, comrade John Dalgarno.

Poppy Chairman, comrade John Dalgarno presented a check for $2,000.00 from our Legion Poppy Fund to Mrs. Patricia Sévigny who is the new Philanthropic Development Consultant of the Vaudreuil Soulanges Palliative Care Residence here in Hudson.

Poppy Fund donation to the Hawkesbury & District General Hospital Foundation

July 11, 2021

Our Poppy Fund Chairman, comrade John Dalgarno, is seen here donating a check for $2,000.00 to Erin Tabakman, Executive Director of the Hawkesbury & District General Hospital Foundation on Sunday, July 11th in front of Place Vimy at the Hudson Legion, Branch 115.

Donation to the Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit

June 24, 2021

From left to right: Sergeant-at-arms and Service Executive, Comrade Robin Pelletier representing Branch 115.
Dwayne Sawyer, serve in operation UNIKOM, UNPROFOR, Afghanistan, Eureka, and President of the CVSDU.
His service dog Rex, a 7.5-year-old Lab/Retriever cross.
Claudine Perrault did two Tours in Afghanistan. Her service dog Chewbacca, a 3-year-old Goldendoodle.
Husband Gaétan Poulin peacekeeping in Cyprus, Rwanda and one tour in Afghanistan.

Branch 115 donated $2000 to the Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit.

A non-profit group established in 2012 to provide trained service dogs in support of the military, RCMP and first responder veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Operational Stress Injury (OSI).

Forty-two (42) dogs were provided since established and they have twenty-six (26) veterans in the waiting list.

Stay awhile - Talk to a Veteran

April 25, 2021

Comrade Robin Pelletier posing behind his bench.

Comrade Robin Pelletier is a member of our Branch 115 and serves as our Service Officer & Sgt. at Arms.

He spent over 15 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, and during the winter he built this beautiful park bench.

He has it in front of his house in St. Lazare.

Nice tribute from a very fine fellow.

Fundraising at Branch 115

December 5, 2020

Our fundraising campaign on December 5, in the form of drive-thru, was a great success.

Comrade Jay Oland organized an amazing day, and it was VERY well received.

(Photos by Peter Mansell)

A special thank you goes out to all of our members and friends who dropped by to purchase the various products we had available.

Some 125 cars drove through our set up with the occupants donating 680 kg of food for the John Abbott College Food Bank.

(Photos by Peter Mansell)

Numerous members and new members also signed up for 2021.

It was a long cold day for our 17 volunteers, but very worthwhile and just seeing members and friends for the first time in many months was wonderful as well.

On behalf of Legion Branch 115, I wish to thank all of you who were there on that day.

You are all so kind and generous.

Comrade Rod L. Hodgson
Branch 115

Donation to the Branch from a local area resident

November 11, 2020

Mrs. Paola Irrera handing over her donation
to our Branch President, comrade Rod Hodgson.

Back in October, Paola Irrera, decided to make poppy masks and she promised to donate part of the sales to our Legion, Branch 115.

Well, at the end of November she had raised $850.00!

On behalf of our Branch, thank you for this very kind and generous donation.

Place Vimy park bench

October 24, 2020

The idea was conceived by Branch 1st V.P. Mike Elliott and the design was made by Natalie Trainor of St. Lazare.

The project got really moving by Executive member Jay Oland then it was built by Keith Bonerak of Rigaud.

It is totally unique and was paid for by donations from the family of Lt. Harry E. Trenholme RCNVR, WW II.

He was at D-Day on a landing craft and was awarded the Legion of Honour a few years ago.

The other donor was the D-Day Society & Friends who Remember.

This group of which Harry was a member, was formed in 1945 by those who had been at D-Day the year before.

Only Ian M. Walker who was with the British Army that day is left, he lives in Okotoks, AB.

We normally meet every year for a lunch at the Hudson Legion, but not this year, the first time in 75 years.

Sad as we normally get 85-90 ‘’Friends who Remember’’. Legionnaires and just friends.

New Vimy tree planted at Branch 115

June 18, 2020

Legion Branch 115 in Hudson Quebec received a replacement Vimy Oak and it was planted on June 18th, 2020 by President Rod Hodgson (left) Stephanie Morris and 1st V.P. Mike Elliott in Place Vimy next to the cenotaph.
(Photo by Bill Sansom)

Well the new Vimy Oak has arrived and we planted it on Thursday, June 18,2020.

A local area resident was kind enough to pick it up near Dundas, Ontario and deliver it to us free of charge.

The seven memorial plaques for the posts surrounding Place Vimy, that were advertised to be available, have now been sold and should be installed by the end of this coming week.

Work on the Place Vimy Park bench is coming along well and it should be here by mid-August if all goes well.

Thank you for supporting our cause!

A Lady that cares for our Veterans

December 23, 2019

Each week a local resident, Gwen Periard, collects our empty wine, liquor and soft drink cans and takes them to Hawkesbury.

The money raised goes to purchase gifts for the Veterans at the Ste Anne’s Veterans Hospital at Christmas.

This year she has raised $930.00.

This is a wonderful volunteer achievement from a local lady who is not a Legion member but who cares for our Veterans.

Thank you, Gwen, on behalf of all the members of Legion Branch 115 in Hudson.

For the gifts, she coordinates this with Legion members Linda Eames & John Dalgarno.

Sadly, Gwen cannot continue in 2020 thus we will be looking for a volunteer to carry on her dedication and hard work.

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