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Branch 091, Churchill,


28, rue Ste-Anne,
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC,
H9X 1L3


(514) 457-9332


(514) 457-9332


March 31, 1943


06-Lakeshore West



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The executive committee of Branch 091, Churchill.
(Updated on: February 28, 2024)
  • President: Comrade Comrade Rick Cartmel
  • Past-President: Comrade Comrade Jim Nairn
  • 1st Vice-president: Comrade Brian Davidson
  • 2nd Vice-president: Comrade Jerry Karpyszyn
  • Secretary: Comrade Ron Lepore
  • Treasurer: Comrade Bob Mclachlan
  • Service Officer: Comrade James Nairn
  • Poppy Chairman: Comrade Kelly Burke
  • Membership Chairman: Comrade Richard Guy
  • 1st Executive (Mess): Comrade Gilles Gauvin
  • 2nd Executive (Entertainment): Vacant
  • 3rd Executive (House and Grounds): Comrade Bob Quilliam
  • Chairman: Comrade Mike Purvis
  • Special Projects: Comrade Jim Killin
  • Veteran's Projects: Comrade Richard Gratton
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Comrade Bob Price

A Legion truly serving Veterans

June 6, 2022

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Ste Anne's Legion at 28 Ste Anne de Bellevue is located on the Lake Shore with a wonderful view of the Lake.

Forty percent of the executive are Veterans and keeping this legion for veterans as well as taking care of the elderly who support veterans.

I would like as President at this time to invite you and your family to come down and see this friendly place where all are welcome.

You can sit by the lake enjoy a BBQ on a Sunday or picnic with your family and friends.

On Canada Day we will be having a short ceremony in regard to this great country that we are fortunate to live in. Hamburgers are available and hot dogs will be served to everyone who wishes, starting around 1100 hrs. At 1200 hrs we will fire a cannon and raise the flag with pipers playing and many veterans participating.

Really looking forward to seeing you all and I hope you will pass this on to your friends and especially to other veterans.


Rick Cartmel CD, UE

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